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Transport, encryption, authentication protocol

This project is maintained by Luca Fulchir

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Welcome to the blog tracking the Fenrir project

This blog will be used to track and -why not- discuss all the choices, design features and advancements of the project, so you might find both technical posts and random thoughts.

Paper rejected

Update Fenrir paper ITA-SEC

I submitted a paper highlighting Fenrir to a security conference ITA-SEC.
The paper was rejected. Let’s see why and what it meas for the Fenrir project.

TLDR: no big deal, keep working.

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Status Update

Update libRaptorQ

A lot of time passed, what happened?

I have not been slacking, but I have not been working much on Fenrir lately.
That’s because a lot of work has been done in libRaptorQ, that Fenrir will use.

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Signal vs Federation


Recently the guys at Signal have published a blog post about their ideas on federation.

Our ideas differ, so let’s analyze the problem.

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I finally had some time to better think about multicast transmission and better analyze the problem. And I think I have a solution.

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I finally finished my master thesis, and the result can be found here.

Feel free to look at it to better understand the Fenrir protocol.

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Got Speed?

bandwidth delay RTT speed satellite

Every protocol has a limit on how quickly it can deliver things.

So how does Fenrir compare to the classical TCP?

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Anonymous Login

federation authentication anonymity

Obviously we support anonymous connection. But that’s not the same as an anonymous login.

By “Anonymous login” we mean being able to login to a 3rd party website without revealing our username.

With Fenrir, that’s pretty simple.

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It took me a lot more than expected, but finally I have a working implementation of the RaptorQ algorithm (RFC630)

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Slow Development

progress_report RaptorQ

Things have been slow in the last two months.

What’s going on? A lot.

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DNSSEC DNS handshake

What happens before the handshake? How do we get the information needed to have a secure connection with the right server?

Fenrir does not use the common CA authorities, so where do we get the trust in this system?

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