The Fenrir Project

Transport, encryption, authentication protocol

This project is maintained by Luca Fulchir

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I am on RC almost all day, on #fenrirproject on freenode.
Don’t expect an immediate reply, though.

Mailing lists

Go have a look at our mailing lists. There are 2 main lists, you probably want the -dev one.

Currently the traffic is almost non-existent, as I am the sole develoepr.


For anything about the project, contact me on luker [at]

If you have something that is strictly related to the project, like bug reports, please try to use the main website. It has forums, bug tracking, wiki…

What to write me about

Anything on the project. No personal stuff.

Feature requests for now probably wont be followed.

Anything that I can clarify, typos that you found anywhere are welcome.