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Transport, encryption, authentication protocol

This project is maintained by Luca Fulchir

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The main developer

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My name is Luca Fulchir, I’m 32, I am a computer scientist graduated at the University of Udine (IT). Currently not working, too much burnout from my last job. You can find my curriculum here(pdf)

Fenrir was started as my thesis project with the professor Marino Miculan, who teaches networks and security at my university. Fenrir is a big project, so I started two other subprojects from it: the first is liRaptorQ, a Forward Error Correction lirary, and the second is Tyr, a cleartext, opportunistic tunnel that uses liRaptorQ to add error correction.

I have been the president of a small student association for computer scientists (AsCI) at my university: it’s not very big, but we managed to organize an “open source day” each end of November, and the last year we had a little more than 1k people. Not bad, when you consider that the city is a small one (100k people). The “open source day” is a full day dedicated to open source, with a lot of conferences, local hacker communities, and collaborations with local companies and even the public sector. This last year was concentrated on schools and forensics. I have been in the main organization of 5 of these events.

I am also a system administrator, and currently manage Debian and multiple Gentoo/lxc setup, but I have managed others, from CentOS to {Free,Open}BSD

If you are interested, I run Arch Linux on my laptop, and I started from Slackware.

I do not really like making web sites (this one was a bit of a pain), as I prefer low-level coding, Rust, C, C++14 style. I am also a member of the C++ Udine user group, and host their website/ml. I have small experience with java and a understanding of a lot other languages, from python to prolog, but currently I am mostly interested in rust, which I hope will be the new base for Fenrir.

The other developers?

As soon as I find some sponsors or other way to pay for the project, although I’d love to have paid contriutors, I can not affort it yet.

If you have ideas on how to finance all of this, I’ll be happy to start a company and hire people, even remotely.
A kickstarter campaign is in the works, but more definite funding is needed. probably OTF? Some european funds? let me know if you have ideas….

I am currently designing a new software tht might pay the bills and let me show the potential of Fenrir to the world, we’ll see how it goes.