The Fenrir Project

Transport, encryption, authentication protocol

This project is maintained by Luca Fulchir

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The main developer

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My name is Luca Fulchir, I’m 30, I am a computer scientist graduated at the University of Udine (IT). Currently working in a small local company as system administrator/security specialist. You can find my curriculum here(pdf)

Fenrir was started as my thesis project with the professor Marino Miculan, who teaches networks and security at my university. Fenrir is a big project, so I started two other subprojects from it: the first is liRaptorQ, a Forward Error Correction lirary, and the second is Tyr, a cleartext, opportunistic tunnel that uses liRaptorQ to add error correction.

I have been the president of a small student association for computer scientists (AsCI) at my university: it’s not very big, but we managed to organize an “open source day” each end of November, and the last year we had a little more than 1k people. Not bad, when you consider that the city is a small one (100k people). The “open source day” is a full day dedicated to open source, with a lot of conferences, local hacker communities, and collaborations with local companies and even the public sector. This last year was concentrated on schools and forensics. I have been in the main organization of 5 of these events.

I am also a system administrator, and currently manage Debian and multiple Gentoo/lxc setup, but I have managed others, from CentOS to {Free,Open}BSD

If you are interested, I run Arch Linux on my laptop, and I started from Slackware.

I do not really like making web sites (this one was a bit of a pain), as I prefer low-level coding, C, C++14 style. I am also a member of the C++ Udine user group, and host their website/ml. I have small experience with java and a understanding of a lot other languages, from python to prolog, but currently I am most interested in haskell, which I hope to use in the parts of Fenrir that do not strictly touch the protocol itself.

The other developers?

As soon as I find some sponsors or other way to pay for the project, although I’d love to have paid contriutors, I can not affort it yet.

If you have ideas on how to finance all of this, I’ll be happy to start a company and hire people, even remotely.
A kickstarter campaign is in the works, but more definite funding is needed. probably OTF? Some european funds? let me know if you have ideas….