The Fenrir Project

Transport, encryption, authentication protocol

This project is maintained by Luca Fulchir

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Status Update

What is happening? Has the project stalled?
Not really, I’m just working behind the scenes.

Since you might also like some kind of report, I added a section “currently working on” on the blog page.

What is the status of Fenrir:

Still working on the main library.

The current public code is kind of a mess, so I started a rewrite. So what is happening in this rewrite?

First, instead of working on multiple things at the same time, I am trying to finish the basics on one section before moving to an other. Sounds basic enough, but there was too much unfinished code before.

The tentative-API has been completely dropped, start from the code and let the API emerge from that.
Forcing the API at the beginning was a mistake.

The current rewrite has moved Fenrir to:

The type_safe library is awesome and solves a huge number of small problems that I had in the previous code.
Foonathan also made a really interesting memory library, but that will have to wait until I stabilize what I already have.

Still in TODO:

Once these are finished I will add the most simple things until I can use something like netcat (fcat? already present… fnet? fcomm? *f*?)

Why is the new code not public?

Well, because quality-wise, the old code should never have been released, it was more to get the structure than to have something working.

As soon as I am happy enough, or I get it to a semi-working state, the code will be released (LGPL3+, as always)

Also, the current repo will be overwritten.

There is also the issue that I still have not generated a new GPG key this year, so I am not signing any code.
I really wanted to have a long-term key and start using subkeys, but I do not have any way to store the long-term key in a way safe enough for my paranoia… I wanted something like the ORWL computer, but it’s not for sale yet, and I can’t find anything embedded with that kind of security.
So I guess the old raspberry will have to do it. sigh.

I should also be at the SHA2017 in August if you want to meet, and I should have the basic fenrir-ncat ready for then.