The Fenrir Project

Transport, encryption, authentication protocol

This project is maintained by Luca Fulchir

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Welcome to the blog tracking the Fenrir project

This blog will be used to track and -why not- discuss all the choices, design features and advancements of the project, so you might find both technical posts and random thoughts.

Currently working on:

From Section Description
2018-08+ RaptorQ/Tyr testing & work for demo
2018-03+ RaptorQ/Tyr tunnels and more tunnels
2018-02 RaptorQ RFC Compliance
2018-01 Services connect the authentication to the services

F1r57 P057

Hello, and welcome to the official blog of the Fenrir Project!

This blog will be used to track everything regarding the project, from technical decisions, discussions to simple explanations on why we do stuff in a certain way.

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