Usage statistics (CORE ONLY)

GitLab Inc. will periodically collect information about your instance in order to perform various actions.

All statistics are opt-out. You can enable/disable them in the Admin Area > Settings > Metrics and profiling section Usage statistics.

Network configuration

Allow network traffic from your GitLab instance to IP address, to send usage statistics to GitLab Inc.

If your GitLab instance is behind a proxy, set the appropriate proxy configuration variables.

Version Check (CORE ONLY)

If enabled, version check will inform you if a new version is available and the importance of it through a status. This is shown on the help page (i.e. /help) for all signed in users, and on the admin pages. The statuses are:

  • Green: You are running the latest version of GitLab.
  • Orange: An updated version of GitLab is available.
  • Red: The version of GitLab you are running is vulnerable. You should install the latest version with security fixes as soon as possible.

Orange version check example

GitLab Inc. collects your instance's version and hostname (through the HTTP referer) as part of the version check. No other information is collected.

This information is used, among other things, to identify to which versions patches will need to be backported, making sure active GitLab instances remain secure.

If you disable version check, this information will not be collected. Enable or disable the version check in Admin Area > Settings > Metrics and profiling > Usage statistics.

Request flow example

The following example shows a basic request/response flow between the self-managed GitLab instance and the GitLab Version Application:

    participant GitLab instance
    participant Version Application
    GitLab instance->>Version Application: Is there a version update?
    loop Version Check
        Version Application->>Version Application: Record version info
    Version Application->>GitLab instance: Response (PNG/SVG)

Usage Ping (CORE ONLY)

GitLab sends a weekly payload containing usage data to GitLab Inc. The usage ping uses high-level data to help our product, support, and sales teams. It does not send any project names, usernames, or any other specific data. The information from the usage ping is not anonymous, it is linked to the hostname of the instance.

You can view the exact JSON payload in the administration panel. To view the payload:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area > Settings > Metrics and profiling.
  2. Expand the Usage statistics section.
  3. Click the Preview payload button.

You can see how the usage ping data maps to different stages of the product.

Usage ping is important to GitLab as we use it to calculate our Action Monthly Active Users (AMAU) which helps us measure the success of our features.

Request flow example

The following example shows a basic request/response flow between the self-managed GitLab instance, GitLab Version Application, GitLab License Application and Salesforce:

    participant GitLab instance
    participant Version Application
    participant License Application
    participant Salesforce
    GitLab instance->>Version Application: Usage Ping data
    loop Process Usage Data
        Version Application->>Version Application: Parse Usage Data
        Version Application->>Version Application: Record Usage Data
        Version Application->>Version Application: Update license ping time
    Version Application-xLicense Application: Request Zuora subscription id
    License Application-xVersion Application: Zuora subscription id
    Version Application-xSalesforce: Request Zuora account id  by Zuora subscription id
    Salesforce-xVersion Application: Zuora account id
    Version Application-xSalesforce: Usage data for the Zuora account
    Version Application->>GitLab instance: Conversational Development Index

Deactivate the usage ping

The usage ping is opt-out. If you want to deactivate this feature, go to the Settings page of your administration panel and uncheck the Usage ping checkbox.

To disable the usage ping and prevent it from being configured in future through the administration panel, Omnibus installs can set the following in gitlab.rb:

gitlab_rails['usage_ping_enabled'] = false

And source installs can set the following in gitlab.yml:

production: &base
  # ...
    # ...
    usage_ping_enabled: false

Instance statistics visibility (CORE ONLY)

Once usage ping is enabled, GitLab will gather data from other instances and will be able to show usage statistics of your instance to your users.

To make this visible only to admins, go to Admin Area > Settings > Metrics and profiling, expand Usage statistics, and set the Instance Statistics visibility option to Only admins.

Usage Statistics Collected

Statistic Section Stage Description
Name licensee
Email licensee
Company licensee
assignee_lists counts
boards counts
ci_builds counts
ci_internal_pipelines counts
ci_external_pipelines counts
ci_pipeline_config_auto_devops counts
ci_pipeline_config_repository counts
ci_runners counts
ci_triggers counts
ci_pipeline_schedules counts
auto_devops_enabled counts
auto_devops_disabled counts
deploy_keys counts
deployments counts
successful_deployments counts
failed_deployments counts
environments counts
clusters counts
clusters_enabled counts
project_clusters_enabled counts
group_clusters_enabled counts
instance_clusters_enabled counts
clusters_disabled counts
project_clusters_disabled counts
group_clusters_disabled counts
instance_clusters_disabled counts
clusters_platforms_eks counts
clusters_platforms_gke counts
clusters_platforms_user counts
clusters_applications_helm counts
clusters_applications_ingress counts
clusters_applications_cert_managers counts
clusters_applications_crossplane counts
clusters_applications_prometheus counts
clusters_applications_runner counts
clusters_applications_knative counts
clusters_applications_elastic_stack counts
clusters_management_project counts
in_review_folder counts
grafana_integrated_projects counts
groups counts
issues counts
issues_created_from_gitlab_error_tracking_ui counts
issues_with_associated_zoom_link counts
issues_using_zoom_quick_actions counts
issues_with_embedded_grafana_charts_approx counts
issues_with_health_status counts
keys counts
label_lists counts
lfs_objects counts
milestone_lists counts
milestones counts
pages_domains counts
pool_repositories counts
projects counts
projects_imported_from_github counts
projects_with_repositories_enabled counts
projects_with_error_tracking_enabled counts
protected_branches counts
releases counts
remote_mirrors counts
snippets counts
suggestions counts
todos counts
uploads counts
web_hooks counts
projects_alerts_active counts
projects_asana_active counts
projects_assembla_active counts
projects_bamboo_active counts
projects_bugzilla_active counts
projects_buildkite_active counts
projects_campfire_active counts
projects_custom_issue_tracker_active counts
projects_discord_active counts
projects_drone_ci_active counts
projects_emails_on_push_active counts
projects_external_wiki_active counts
projects_flowdock_active counts
projects_github_active counts
projects_hangouts_chat_active counts
projects_hipchat_active counts
projects_irker_active counts
projects_jenkins_active counts
projects_jenkins_deprecated_active counts
projects_jira_active - counts
projects_mattermost_active counts
projects_mattermost_slash_commands_active counts
projects_microsoft_teams_active counts
projects_packagist_active counts
projects_pipelines_email_active counts
projects_pivotaltracker_active counts
projects_prometheus_active counts
projects_pushover_active counts
projects_redmine_active counts
projects_slack_active counts
projects_slack_slash_commands_active counts
projects_teamcity_active counts
projects_unify_circuit_active counts
projects_youtrack_active counts
projects_slack_notifications_active counts
projects_slack_slash_active counts
projects_jira_server_active counts
projects_jira_cloud_active counts
projects_jira_dvcs_cloud_active counts
projects_jira_dvcs_server_active counts
labels counts
merge_requests counts
notes counts
wiki_pages_create counts
wiki_pages_update counts
wiki_pages_delete counts
web_ide_commits counts
web_ide_views counts
web_ide_merge_requests counts
web_ide_previews counts
snippet_comment counts
commit_comment counts
merge_request_comment counts
snippet_create counts
snippet_update counts
navbar_searches counts
cycle_analytics_views counts
productivity_analytics_views counts
source_code_pushes counts
merge_request_create counts
design_management_designs_create counts
design_management_designs_update counts
design_management_designs_delete counts
licenses_list_views counts
user_preferences_group_overview_details counts
user_preferences_group_overview_security_dashboard counts
ingress_modsecurity_blocking counts
ingress_modsecurity_disabled counts
dependency_list_usages_total counts
epics counts
feature_flags counts
geo_nodes counts
incident_issues counts
ldap_group_links counts
ldap_keys counts
ldap_users counts
pod_logs_usages_total counts
projects_enforcing_code_owner_approval counts
projects_mirrored_with_pipelines_enabled counts
projects_reporting_ci_cd_back_to_github counts
projects_with_packages counts
projects_with_prometheus_alerts counts
projects_with_tracing_enabled counts
projects_with_alerts_service_enabled counts
template_repositories counts
container_scanning_jobs counts
dependency_scanning_jobs counts
license_management_jobs counts
sast_jobs counts
status_page_projects counts monitor
status_page_issues counts monitor
epics_deepest_relationship_level counts
operations_dashboard_default_dashboard counts
operations_dashboard_users_with_projects_added counts
version Git
version Gitaly
servers Gitaly
filesystems Gitaly
enabled gitlab_pages
version gitlab_pages
adapter database
version database
average avg_cycle_analytics - issue
sd avg_cycle_analytics - issue
missing avg_cycle_analytics - issue
average avg_cycle_analytics - plan
sd avg_cycle_analytics - plan
missing avg_cycle_analytics - plan
average avg_cycle_analytics - code
sd avg_cycle_analytics - code
missing avg_cycle_analytics - code
average avg_cycle_analytics - test
sd avg_cycle_analytics - test
missing avg_cycle_analytics - test
average avg_cycle_analytics - review
sd avg_cycle_analytics - review
missing avg_cycle_analytics - review
average avg_cycle_analytics - staging
sd avg_cycle_analytics - staging
missing avg_cycle_analytics - staging
average avg_cycle_analytics - production
sd avg_cycle_analytics - production
missing avg_cycle_analytics - production
total avg_cycle_analytics
clusters_applications_cert_managers usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_applications_helm usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_applications_ingress usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_applications_knative usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_management_project usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_disabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_enabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_platforms_gke usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_platforms_eks usage_activity_by_stage configure
clusters_platforms_user usage_activity_by_stage configure
instance_clusters_disabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
instance_clusters_enabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
group_clusters_disabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
group_clusters_enabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
project_clusters_disabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
project_clusters_enabled usage_activity_by_stage configure
projects_slack_notifications_active usage_activity_by_stage configure
projects_slack_slash_active usage_activity_by_stage configure
projects_with_prometheus_alerts: 0 usage_activity_by_stage configure
deploy_keys usage_activity_by_stage create
keys usage_activity_by_stage create
merge_requests usage_activity_by_stage create
projects_enforcing_code_owner_approval usage_activity_by_stage create
projects_imported_from_github usage_activity_by_stage create
projects_with_repositories_enabled usage_activity_by_stage create
protected_branches usage_activity_by_stage create
remote_mirrors usage_activity_by_stage create
snippets usage_activity_by_stage create
suggestions: usage_activity_by_stage create
groups usage_activity_by_stage manage
ldap_keys usage_activity_by_stage manage
ldap_users: 0 usage_activity_by_stage manage
users_created usage_activity_by_stage manage
clusters usage_activity_by_stage monitor
clusters_applications_prometheus usage_activity_by_stage monitor
operations_dashboard_default_dashboard usage_activity_by_stage monitor
operations_dashboard_users_with_projects_added usage_activity_by_stage monitor
projects_prometheus_active usage_activity_by_stage monitor
projects_with_error_tracking_enabled usage_activity_by_stage monitor
projects_with_tracing_enabled: 0 usage_activity_by_stage monitor
projects_with_packages: 0 usage_activity_by_stage package
assignee_lists usage_activity_by_stage plan
epics usage_activity_by_stage plan
issues usage_activity_by_stage plan
label_lists usage_activity_by_stage plan
milestone_lists usage_activity_by_stage plan
notes usage_activity_by_stage plan
projects usage_activity_by_stage plan
projects_jira_active usage_activity_by_stage plan
projects_jira_dvcs_cloud_active usage_activity_by_stage plan
projects_jira_dvcs_server_active usage_activity_by_stage plan
service_desk_enabled_projects usage_activity_by_stage plan
service_desk_issues usage_activity_by_stage plan
todos: 0 usage_activity_by_stage plan
deployments usage_activity_by_stage release
failed_deployments usage_activity_by_stage release
projects_mirrored_with_pipelines_enabled usage_activity_by_stage release
releases usage_activity_by_stage release
successful_deployments: 0 usage_activity_by_stage release
user_preferences_group_overview_security_dashboard: 0 usage_activity_by_stage secure
ci_builds usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_external_pipelines usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_internal_pipelines usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_pipeline_config_auto_devops usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_pipeline_config_repository usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_pipeline_schedules usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_pipelines usage_activity_by_stage verify
ci_triggers usage_activity_by_stage verify
clusters_applications_runner usage_activity_by_stage verify
projects_reporting_ci_cd_back_to_github: 0 usage_activity_by_stage verify